Benefits of feeding your dog a raw diet can include:

  • Increased energy..... hope you can keep up!
  • Improved skin and coat health..... shiny!
  • Less susceptible to cancer and diabetes.... evidence suggests that animals fed a raw diet have a healthier immune system..... awesome!
  • Better smelling breath.... who doesn't need that?!
  • Less mess to clean up after your dog.... smaller, less smelly, firmer stool expresses anal glands naturally, preventing pain, scooting and excessive licking.... what a relief!
  • Better tasting food for a happier dog..... don't you love yummy food?!
  • Improved overall health and quality of life..... yippee!!!!!!

RAW DOG FOOD such as MAXOTA RAW mimics the diet of animals in the wild, specifically wolves and other predatory canines, and is based on the prey that these animals would hunt for in the wild. Wild dogs and wolves have been hunting and eating prey for thousands of years. Dogs have therefore developed a digestive system that functions best on raw foods.

MAXOTA RAW's biologically appropriate, nutritionally sound and adequate, ancestral diet is based on fresh prey's meat, bone, innards, and predigested fruit and vegetation such as seeds, leaves and grasses.