Pure, simple, fresh ingredients...and nothing else.

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MAXOTA RAW is 100% grain free and has NO gmos, NO additives, NO fillers, NO antibiotics, NO preservatives, NO steroids, and NO growth hormones. Our meats are local, grass-fed, or organic.

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MAXOTA RAW is made with 16 fresh ingredients, while "premium" kibble commonly has as many as 100 ingredients. Reducing the number of ingredients and raising the nutritional value and bio-availability of those nutrients is best for optimal health, especially in allergy-prone animals.

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MAXOTA RAW is handcrafted in small batches, sourced from the best quality, human grade, most local ingredients available to us. We use certified organic produce and micronutrients, and 100% human grade meats from USDA inspected and HACCP approved facilities.

Benefits of feeding MAXOTA RAW can include:


Increased energy levels. Improved skin and coat health. Less susceptible to cancer and diabetes. Better smelling breath. Less mess to clean up after your dog. Better tasting food for a happier dog. Improved overall health and quality of life.


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The ancestral diet for the modern Urban Wolf.

Wild dogs and wolves have been hunting and eating prey for thousands of years. Dogs have therefore developed a digestive system that functions best on raw foods. Only since the industrial age has the common diet of dogs been cooked, high in grains, and low in nutrients.

The biologically appropriate, nutritionally sound and adequate, ancestral diet is based on fresh prey's meat, bone, innards, and predigested fruit and vegetation such as seeds, leaves and grasses.

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It's so easy to feed your dog the optimal diet!


MAXOTA RAW takes the hassle out of having to create, manage, and build a raw diet for your dog. Simply transition your dog to our small batch raw dog food diet to witness some sensational changes in your dog's life.