Maxota Raw - Is it safe to feed your dog raw meaty bones? Yes!

YES! Unlike cooked bones, raw bones are totally safe for your pooch.

In fact, our meaty knuckle and marrow bones are an excellent source of calcium, phosphorus, and healthy fats. Not only will a raw bone keep your pup entertained for hours, but it will also clean their teeth naturally as they gnaw away. So go ahead, throw your dog a bone!

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Maxota Raw - Safety information about feeding your dog raw meaty bones.

What size bone is best for my dog?

Order according to your dog's mouth size. If your dog can fit the entire bone in its mouth the bone is too small, and it may become a choking hazard. Remember, you want your dog to gnaw on this bone for a while! Small dogs get small bones, and big dogs get big bones.

Maxota Raw meaty bones make a great alternative to plastic toys!

Are you tired of cleaning up shredded plastic toy stuffing that your pooch has unwittingly strewn across the yard or living room? Did your pooch digest a plastic toy squeeker? We've got the answer to your problems with meaty bones: the treat your dog was designed to gnaw on. Raw bones provide a much more natural and healthy chew toy instead of plastic, or stuffed toys.

What about raw bone odor or clean up?

Raw bones create a minimal mess and produce no smell or odor. As for clean up, just let your pooch chew the bone until it's hollow, and throw it out when they're done!