The Story of Maxota Raw

Our story starts with two family dogs: Max and Dakota.
(Max-Ota...get it?)

Gunner was living on the west coast, feeding his dogs the best kibble he could find, until his integrative veterinarian, a raw food advocate, suggested he try raw dog food. Gunner found a local provider and started Max and Dakota on a raw diet. Within two weeks he noticed a difference for the better! Both dogs' energy levels went through the roof!! They leaned out, and their skin problems cleared up too. They were happier and healthier thanks to their new raw diet for the remainder of their lives.

Max and Dakota: the dogs who inspired Maxota Raw Dog Food in San Diego

Gunner and AJ met and the rest is history...

Wonder twin powers ACTIVATE! Gunner and AJ knew their mission was to help other pet owners discover the preventative health benefits of feeding their dogs a whole, raw diet. When they welcomed Duke into their lives in 2013, they knew what they had to do... create their own natural, healthy, fresh, wholesome raw dog food! A business was born! The spirit of Max and Dakota lives on in their legacy of improving the health and lives of pets all over California.

AJ and Gunner of Maxota Raw Pet Food in San Diego

Our passion for pet nutrition comes from our own personal experiences and interest in health and well-being.

That's our story. Pure, simple, and filled with love. We're committed to health, well-being, and love for animals.

When you become a customer at Maxota Raw, you get hands-on help designing the perfect meal plan for your pet from AJ and Gunner, personally. That's what makes the Maxota Raw experience SO special. Stop by our open kitchen, or schedule a consultation to talk to us today. Bring your pooch - we love meeting new Urban Wolves!

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