Transitioning Your Dog from Kibble to a Raw Diet

Transitioning Your Dog from Kibble to a Raw Diet

NEW TO RAW? Simply transition your dog to MAXOTA RAW and get ready for some sensational changes in your dog's life!

  • Most dogs will be completely excited to eat MAXOTA RAW and will transition to a full raw diet quickly.
  • We recommend introducing your dog slowly to a raw diet to ensurethe change is positive and something they look forward to. This process can take up to 1 - 2 weeks.
  • Begin by mixing MAXOTA RAW into your dog’s current food. Start with 25% MAXOTA RAW and 75% current food.
  • After 1 - 3 days, as your dog accepts the food, feed 100% MAXOTA RAW for the morning meal and 100% current food for their evening meal for the next 4 - 7 days.
  • To determine how your dog’s system is accepting the transition to raw, monitor their stool. It should be small, firm and void of any offensive odor. *check out the video below!
  • When your dog has transitioned successfully, you can begin feeding raw foods for both meals.
  • Hint: If refrigerated food is new to your dog, try warming the transition portion of MAXOTA RAW by tempering it. Place the portion in a zip-seal, water-tight plastic bag and place in a bowl of warm water for a few minutes. To prevent nutrient loss do not use water that is too hot and do not microwave.
  • Most dogs will adapt to their new raw diet quickly and vigorously. However, some dogs are more sensitive to dietary changes. If your dog experiences soft or loose stool as a result of the transition, introduce the raw food more gradually. Mix in pure pumpkin or pure sweet potato as a natural stomach soother.

Keeping your dog happy and healthy is a lifestyle choice, just like having kids. MAXOTA RAW is just one element...

We suggest raw meaty bones such as duck necks, beef marrow bones and wholesome "people food" on occasion (carrots, apples, etc). Poultry necks and marrows are healthy treats that help with teeth cleaning and cranial muscle stimulation, while sharing whole natural "people food" is pleasurable for both you and your dog. The necks and marrows should NEVER be cooked as this changes their chemistry thus making it harder for your dog to process. We believe you become closer to your dog, a true companion, with these types of interactions while awakening and satisfying their natural and primal instincts.

Your dog’s demeanor might also change for the better on a raw diet. Who do think would be healthier and happier? A person who eats from Whole Foods or McDonalds? It just makes sense to feed raw.

By feeding your dog MAXOTA RAW and including the raw meaty bones over a period of time, you might find yourself going to the vet less frequently. the cost of feeding raw for the long term makes financial sense.

We are also advocates of basic training. Being able to communicate with your dog is key to establishing healthy boundaries about what is right and wrong for them to do. Dogs do not speak English but they are great at one word commands like sit, stay, come and heal. We believe the more time you put into teaching your dog these basic commands the easier it becomes and eventually you develop your own form of communication that is intuitive and personal.

Proper exercise is also key for optimal health. We take Duke, Diego and Chico everywhere. Sometimes if we can’t take them, we don’t go. We like walking in the in the woods with them and watching them come alive. They get to smell all those wild scents which awakens their primal instincts which we believe makes them happier. We also visit the local dog park and dog beach often which they absolutely love. We believe social interaction with other dogs and people from all walks of life makes for a well adjusted dog and human being. We also travel with them whenever we can and most places are willing to accept dogs especially after they get a chance to meet them face to face.

Common sense will win the day with the choices you make for your dog and the most important thing you can do is spend time with him or her.

You are your dog’s #1 advocate. Not us, not your vet, but YOU. We can help with their nutritional needs but it’s up to you to provide them the same unconditional love and care that they provide you.