Maxota Raw pet food and treats are frozen to retain freshness. 

Your pet's new raw diet are frozen when purchased from our open kitchen and retail pet store in San Diego. Here are some tips on how to manage your pet's new diet:

Maxota Raw Dog Food in San Diego California

1. Keep frozen until ready to use.

Keep your pet's food frozen until you are ready to serve it. When you're ready to feed your pooch we recommend thawing your food and treats in the refrigerator. This could take a few days, but if you're in a rush you can speed things up by running the packaged food under tepid (luke-warm) water. 

Do not use the microwave to thaw your dog's raw food or treats!

2. Once thawed will stay fresh in refrigerator 4-5 days. 

After thawing your pet's new raw food you have the option to divide it into daily portions and re-freeze those portions for a later date. That's right - you can re-freeze your pet's food! So, if you're a meal planner your pet's raw diet will be a breeze.

Need help with portioning? Check out our Raw Food Portion Guide for our recommended daily serving suggestions.

3. Treat your pet's food just like your own (except that it's raw, of course)!

Remember these are human-grade ingredients so treat this food the way you treat your own food. Keep your new raw pet food as fresh as possible by storing it in the refrigerator or freezer, and make sure to serve your pets in a clean dish. You wouldn't eat something that has been sitting out too long, and neither should your pet!