Raw Goat Milk for Dogs and Cats

Portion Guide
Raw Pet Food Diet - Portion Guide

How much raw food should I feed my pet?

Not sure how much raw food or raw toppers should you should feedĀ yourĀ pet? Use the Maxota Raw Portion Guide below to calculate exactly how much food your pet needs for their daily diet.

The Rule of Thumb (or paw):

Calculate the exact quantity your pet needs with the following equations:

  • Adult Dogs: For a healthy adult dog, feed your pet 2%ā€“3% of their body weight, daily.Ā 
  • Highly Active Dogs, Puppies, Nursing Puppy Moms: For extremely active dogs, puppies, and nursing mothers feed your pet 4% ā€“ 5% of their body weight, daily.

*This calculation is for a fully raw food diet, and is calculated in pounds (lbs.)

Raw Food Portion Guide Chart:

Maxota Raw Pet Food Portion Guide -  Calculate how much raw food to include in your pet's diet.

Still not sure?

Do you needĀ additional assistance calculating the exact portions for your pet's unique needs? No problem. Stop by our open kitchen and retail shop for a one on one consultation with our in-house nutritionists. We'll formulate the perfect diet for your pet.

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Maxota raw goat milk is organic and sourced from small local farms. No corporate farming goes into our dairy products. This delicious drink for your pet is a natural probiotic with vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, trace elements, protein, fatty acids, and all the enzymes needed for easy digestion. Feeding your pet raw goat milk provides probiotics that enhance your pet's gut flora and boost their immunity.

Why goat milk? Goat milk (as opposed to raw cow milk) is more easily digestible due to smaller fat globules.

Why raw milk We keep it raw to avoid pasteurization. This means the milk's naturally occurring lactase, the enzyme responsible for breaking down lactose, is still intact. Keep the lactase, avoid the lactose intolerance.

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