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Raw Knuckle Bone Slices for Dogs

Throw your dog a bone! Our beef knuckle bone slices are an excellent source of calcium, phosphorus, and healthy fats. Toss your pup a slice and he'll quickly crunch it to bits, cleaning your pup's teeth naturally! Differing from marrow bones, these raw knuckle bone slices are meant to be consumed completely. Unlike cooked bones, raw bones are totally safe for your pooch.

What Bone Size? Order according to your dog's mouth size. If your dog can fit the entire bone in its mouth the bone is too small, and it may become a choking hazard. Remember, you want your dog to gnaw on this bone for a while! Small dogs get small bones, and big dogs get big bones

Small Knuckle Bone Slices: Dogs under 20lbs

Medium-Large Knuckle Bone Slices: Dogs over 20lbs

📦 Order Preparation Time: Please allow 7-10 days while we hand-craft your order. Order Pick-Up and California Shipping Info

Bone Size